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Year 2 - using precise language and giving clear instructions

Year 2 - using precise language and giving clear instructions

In English this week, Year 2 have been busy continuing to give instructions and realising how necessary it is to be precise. Our classrooms have been festooned with paper chains and rocking robins! Precise language (such as peel, pull and thread) was needed to make sure the strips of paper were put together correctly and the tail feathers were an appropriate length. We have also made delicious chocolate crispy snowballs after ordering the instructions accurately. It was lovely to see how carefully everyone read and followed their instructions once they realised we were actually going to make them. I think they might be keen to explain what they did and even practise again at home! The children also made up their own board game, deciding which resources they would need, creating the board and writing instructions. They enjoyed playing their games with their friends and finding out if their instructions were clear enough.

In Science, the children had fun creating their own invention. They knew what they wanted to make and could explain which material was used for each part and why. Thank you very much for helping supply all that ‘junk’ so there were plenty of resources to choose from!

Thank you for all your support this term. We wish you a lovely Christmas and we look forward to welcoming the children back refreshed and raring to learn!

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