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Year 2 have a visit from labrador puppy, Cooper

Year 2 have a visit from labrador puppy, Cooper

Year 2 have had many visitors over the last couple of weeks leading on from Jack’s adorable kittens and discussing how they have changed since they were born. Mrs Cockings and Madeleine visited us at the start of last week, we found out all about how she is developing day by day and Mrs Cockings talked to the children so patiently, answering their endless questions. Madeleine was so good and seemed unperturbed by all the inquisitive faces. A big thank you from all of Year 2!

On Monday afternoon we were visited by Mrs Bailey and Cooper, her 11 week old fox red labrador, he was a cutie! Cody and Izzie both shared all their knowledge about how to look after Cooper and what they (and Mrs Bailey) must do to help him grow and develop into a strong and healthy dog. Year 2 found it particularly interesting that labradors love water and they have webbed feet to help them swim really well. Thank you so much Mrs Bailey for bringing Cooper to visit us and answering all our questions!

This last part of term we have been studying Ronda and David Armitage’s stories about Mr Grinling, a Lighthouse Keeper who enjoys a lot of very delicious food! We worked towards writing our own short stories, focusing on creating an interesting problem that Mr Grinling would have to face. We were really pleased with our stories and particularly enjoyed illustrating our front covers, we hope you enjoy reading them at home!

Thank you for all your continuing support this year and we hope you have a lovely summer holiday.

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