Year 2 visit Mop End | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 2 visit Mop End

Year 2 visit Mop End

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Mop End and we even caught a glimpse of the sun in the afternoon!

We started off in the classroom predicting what kind of creatures we might find in a woodland habitat and the children had lots of interesting ideas - we weren’t sure we would actually see some bears (some of us were quite pleased about this). We thought about how the animals would move and what colour they were likely to be and enjoyed voting using an electronic voting machine to record our predictions. In the woods the children found beetles, baby frogs, woodlice, ants and lots of enormous slugs! After lunch we had a fantastic time using nets to scoop out other amazing and strange looking animals from the pond. We even found some transparent creatures and realised that they were trying to make themselves invisible in the water.

Some of the children said; “ I learnt a lot and my favourite animal was the baby frog.” “It was fantastic, I really liked the leech.” “We found some animals in the pond that could slide, some were transparent, some swam and some even walked!” “I screamed when I found a huge violet ground beetle - it was so big!” “I caught a newt!”

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