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Year 2 visit Radlett and Bushey Reform Synagogue

Year 2 visit Radlett and Bushey Reform Synagogue

Yr 2 trip to synagogueThis week Year 2 had an amazing visit to Radlett and Bushey Reform Synagogue. After an hour’s journey the children were excited to arrive and became even excited when they saw a small hedgehog trying to climb the steps in front of the Synagogue. ‘Is he coming in too?’ We were made very welcome by Karin who told us we made her thousandth visitors this year! Having told us a lot about the building and its contents the children then had the opportunity to try on a Kippah and Tallit that Jewish people wear when attending Synagogue; the children felt very special and remarked that even when they took the Kippah off it felt as if it was still there. Karin then decided we must be hungry as it was a long time since breakfast - she produced from her bag a large loaf of Challah bread. The children ate a slice of this with relish as it has honey in it and washed it down with a glass of squash. With renewed energy the children had a try at writing in Hebrew ‘very tricky but fun’ was the verdict. At last it was time for the highlight of the visit seeing a real Torah scroll. The one Karin took from the Ark had been rescued from Romania during the Second World War and showed signs of years of use. The children were amazed to see the very neat writing and the beautiful silver Yad used to guide the reader. Our visit was over all too soon and we left with Karin telling us what a delightful, polite and well behaved group we had been.

Very well done Year 2.

Next Week

In science next week we will be thinking about the variety of pets that we have and how they have to be cared for. In topic we will be using our research from this week to write about the ways in which a pier was used in Victorian times and how it is used now.

At home

If the children have a pet they might like to note all the different things that they do or have to be done to keep it healthy and happy.

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