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Year 3 - Discovering the Caribbean!

Year 3 - Discovering the Caribbean!

Year 3 have been learning all about the Caribbean and spent the build up to half term with each class focussing on a different island. During English lessons, the children become travel agents for the Caribbean, looking at using persuasive language to entice people to holiday in their luxurious destinations. Words like ‘exquisite’ were used to describe the islands and slogans like ‘Kid’s paradise’ and ‘You will be beyond surprised’ were added to vibrantly coloured posters.

Furthermore, this week the children gained a real insight to what life is like on the island of Jamaica. Ms Walter is Jamaican and delivered loads of interesting facts about the island. There was great excitement when the children found out that the last person standing in the spelling bee style spelling test got two scoops of ice cream! Although we soon found out that most people weren’t interested in the ice cream, they just wanted to get out of the blazing sunshine.

Not perturbed, the children wanted to face a spelling test Jamaican style. It soon became apparent that even the teachers would struggle with a Jamaican spelling test with words like Zygophyllaceae and tintinnabulation. If you don’t know what they mean, see if the children can remember! The sessions ended with lots of Caribbean treats for the children to sample. The drops and plantain chips were definitely a hit. Not everyone was sure about the sugar cane.

Again, we would like to thank Ms Walter for coming in. We warmly invite any of our other parents and extended family in to school to support our children with a topic. Please do contact us if you would be interested.

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