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Year 3 - Ambivalence and a hidden castle

Year 3 - Ambivalence and a hidden castle

Year 3 have been investigating and pondering the purpose of castles at the start of our new topic. We kicked off by creating a chocolate bar, a thought-provoking activity that captured all the children’s knowledge and questions simultaneously. This then helped the teachers to plan the lessons based on what the children want to know. Some examples include:

  • Who made the first castle?
  • What are the differences between castles and palaces?
  • What makes all castles unique?

We followed this up by studying features of castles through a team-on-team quiz and then recreating castles with sand, lego and an ambitious papercraft project!

We were amazed to see the Cymbeline Motte and Bailey (not too far from Little Kimble) on our way to swimming in Princes Risborough. There were honestly gasps on the coach when the children realised that it was a man made part of our landscape!

On top of this we have been empathising with the King on his Coronation Day. We have looked at the royal family, real Coronation footage and how much the Coronation regalia weighs before starting to study diary entries and writing our own Coronation diary entry. Our Year 3’s could not believe that the King’s crown weighs a whopping 2kgs!

Ambivalence is the word to describe a King on his Coronation Day!

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