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Year 3 ask the question 'What do plants need to grow?'

Year 3 ask the question 'What do plants need to grow?'

What do plants need to grow ?

This was the question posed to Year 3 last week in Science.

Air, water and sunlight ?

How can you prove it ?

Using scientific enquiry skills developed throughout the year, in groups, children had to plan an experiment to answer this question.

First, they had to compose a question to investigate.

Next, they had to decide how they would carry out the investigation considering how they would make it a fair test.They also had to decide what resources they would need.

Finally, they had to plan how they would record the results.

Questions generated

Can a plant survive without water but with different kinds of liquids ?

Do plants need soil to survive ?

Does a plant need water ?

This week, the children had great fun setting up the experiments and over the next two weeks will observe the changes before analysing the results to either prove or disprove their questions.

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