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Year 3 ask the question 'where does our food go?'

Year 3 ask the question 'where does our food go?'

That was the question posed to Year Three this week! This followed on from our work in Science last week, where the children had to identify the different food groups before making a Food Pyramid to show these groups along with the recommended daily intake.

First, the children had to reassemble the digestive system using pictures of the different body parts involved before making a digestive system with their bodies ! We discovered that after swallowing our food it travels down the esophagus into our stomach before entering the small intestines. Next it travels through the large intestine into the rectum, finally leaving the body through the anus.

Over the coming weeks we will be looking in more detail at what happens to our food in each part of its journey as it travels through the body and how other organs such as the liver and the pancreas assist the process.

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