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Year 3 begin their new topic on 'Sound'

Year 3 begin their new topic on 'Sound'

In Science this week, Year 3 have started to study their new unit; ‘Sound’. The children began by sharing their prior knowledge of the topic. They then designed lines of enquiry for each class to focus on. The children posed some brilliant questions to investigate, such as: ‘How does sound travel?’ ‘At what distance do we stop hearing sounds?’ And ‘How do different materials affect sound?’

As the weeks progress, the children will continue to take ownership over the topic by designing and carrying out investigations, in order to answer their questions. They will develop their scientific skills and deepen understanding by using evidence to support predictions and conclusions.

Throughout the last week, the children enjoyed practical tasks such as creating an array of sounds using a variety objects. They have been experimenting with how to produce different volumes and pitches. They will soon be designing and making their very own instruments from everyday materials, linking their passion for Music with Science.

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