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Year 3 calculate perimeters

Year 3 calculate perimeters

Year 3 have been learning about perimeter this week. They came up with some really interesting ways of remembering what the perimeter is, for example that it contains the word ‘rim’ as in the edge of something. In class the children looked at different ways of calculating the perimeter of a shape. Either by counting the sides of the squares that the shape covered, when using squared paper or by measuring each of the sides and then adding these measurements together.

We couldn't ignore the beautiful weather that we have had this week so decided to take our learning outside the classroom. The children used rulers and tape measures to calculate the perimeter of various objects around the school, for instance the perimeter of a paving slab on the patio -an activity that could be replicated at home. Paper tape measures are good for this, like the ones that you get in Ikea! The children could measure each length, cut the tape measure and then add all the values together. Another practical activity that could be done at home is making straw polygons (a 2-dimensional shape formed with straight lines). The children can measure out different lengths of straw that then secure together to make a shape. Having measured each edge they should then be able to add together the lengths to calculate the perimeter.

We hope you all have an safe and enjoyable half term holiday and look forward to welcoming back some well rested children ready for the final part of Year 3!

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