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Year 3 children look at forces in Science

Year 3 children look at forces in Science

This week Year 3 enjoyed creating coats of arms to represent their personalities. Josie drew a beautiful, orange dog wearing a crown to represent her authoritative loyalty whereas Adam's starlit scene of a dragon attacking a castle shows his assertive nature. Jago's hopeful, ambitious character was depicted through his use of a bright green snake whilst a fire-breathing dragon showed how he will defend his treasure once he has it!

In Science, the children started to look at forces and how they make things move. Lots of fun was had playing with toy cars, tennis balls and even a Frisbee in order to create a list of key vocabulary to describe the forces in action.

Olivia: When you throw the car, the gravity pulls it down to the ground.

Fraser: If you drop them, will the heavier car land first?

Lily: When you push the cars along, the heavier car stops quicker than the lighter car.

The children discovered a lot and even asked to see whether a feather would drop at the same speed as the other objects!

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