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Year 3 children focus on Science using cress seeds

Year 3 children focus on Science using cress seeds

Over this term, Year 3 children have set up numerous Scientific investigations looking into the functions of different parts of plants with a specific focus on understanding fair testing. They have enjoyed spending time observing the results this week and used what they have found out to stem ideas for possible conclusions.

Amongst the experiments were some cress seeds which were each given different amounts of water. After a week, it was clear that the seeds without any water weren't going to grow but it took some further waiting for the seeds with a little water and those in a flooded dish to reach full maturity.

The children also enjoyed destroying some plants! They cut all the leaves off one plant, half of another, a few of another and left one intact. Again, it took some waiting to see the results and it was in fact the plant that had lost half its leaves that seemed to look worst off this week.

Finally, we observed the results of leaving a leafy stick of celery in a cup of water and food colouring. The close up lens on the iPad revealed some particularly fascinating details.


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