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Year 3 children look at units of measure

Year 3 children look at units of measure

This week in Maths, we have started to look at units of measure. We began by recapping what we know about millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres and the relationship between them. There was some tricky measuring to the nearest mm to tackle but the children worked hard to develop their ruler skills. Parents of left handed children may wish to look into purchasing a left handed ruler as this can make measuring a little easier.

Next we moved onto looking at capacity. We looked at some different measuring devices and compared tall, thin measuring cylinders with shorter, wider ones. Along with recapping the relationship between millilitres and litres, we spent some time practising reading scales and estimating the capacity of every day items such as cups, buckets and baths.

To support your children's learning at home, you could give them some kitchen capacity measures and ask them to investigate which holds the most or least and how many of one measure goes into another. Their new skills should also mean they can help with cooking and DIY! We will go on to look at measures of mass next term.

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