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Year 3 children record show for Radio Christmas

Year 3 children record show for Radio Christmas

Radio Christmas image for newsletterWell, what a week! On Tuesday, three members of Year 3 joined Mr Wallace to record a radio show for the charity Radio Christmas in Amersham. The pupils were put through their paces with on-air maths tests, creating Not The Real News and commenting on Mr Wallace's questionable music choices. The show will be broadcast on Monday 14th at 6pm on 87.7fm.

Wednesday afternoon saw Year 3 take to the stage for their performance of Baboushka. The children wowed the audience with their comedy timing including a perfectly executed onstage cat-nap! Thanks again for all the wonderful costumes and help with learning lines.

In order to add a festive flavour to maths lessons, the pupils took on various challenges including making 3d shape Christmas baubles and dress the elf. The elves could have a different coloured hat, top and trousers and the children tried to find all possible combinations. In this context there are 3x3x3 possible combinations but if you were to extend to different coloured hat, top, trousers and shoes, there are 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 combinations! As a Christmas challenge, you could task your children with finding all of them!

Merry Christmas!

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