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Year 3 children share their feelings about Year 4 transition

Year 3 children share their feelings about Year 4 transition

Well, what a year it has been! All those little faces that started in September are now a little bigger and much less susceptible to our jokes. Along with singing 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra a few times, we spent some time talking to the children about how they are feeling about Year 4:

Matthew - scared, worried, happy
Emily - nervous, excited, timid
Adam - happy, scared, excited

Having explored these feelings further, the children revealed that their worries mainly revolved around rules, homework and working to a new schedule. Hopefully, having spent a day in their new classes working to the Year 4 schedule will have helped them to feel more settled!

In class, we have completed our Olympic projects and finished off our Science and RE Topics for this term. The children will be bringing their work and books home so please do have a good look through it all as there are many pieces of work they are incredibly proud of.

Thanks to all the parents and grown ups for their support this year. We hope you have a wonderful, restful holiday!

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