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Year 3 communicated using semaphore

Year 3 communicated using semaphore

This week we have had great fun thinking about different ways of communicating. We looked at the Ancient Egyptians use of hieroglyphs to communicate and wrote our names in hieroglyphs. We also looked at communicating using semaphore and the morse code. We then considered which type of communication was our favourite and why. In 3AS 10/15 children chose semaphore saying that it was easy to understand if you knew the semaphore alphabet. In ICT we are learning how to send emails safely and the importance of having strong passwords.

In Drama we made freeze frames of events in the class reader we have shared – My Grandpa and the Sea. Our teachers were very impressed with our imaginative work and our facial expressions!

At home

Next week we are starting to look at poetry that appeal to the different senses. It would be helpful if, at home, you could point out any unusual sounds, tastes or sights and ask your children what words they could use to describe them.

Next week

The children are all looking forward to our trip to Green Park on Monday. Please remember your packed lunches, waterproofs and to come into school in PE kit. The children are going to be working in mixed groups which will give an opportunity to get to know each other and work co-operatively together. The Year 3 teachers are looking forward to meeting the parents next week on Tuesday and Thursday.

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