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Year 3 consider the use of light in RE

Year 3 consider the use of light in RE

We have considered the use of light as a religious symbol in our RE lessons this week. We discussed the use of candles in churches; both as a means of celebration and remembrance. We looked at a menorah from the Jewish religion and thought about the symbolism of the nine candles and also how Hindus use lots of small lights to celebrate Diwali.

We discussed the metaphor,’ I am the light of the world’ which Natalia defined as, “a light shines in the darkness to show you the way and Jesus came to show Christians the way.”

We lit small candles in the classroom, turned out the lights and watched the flame whilst we considered the meaning of light for us individually.

The words we used were hope, love, friendship, hugs, parties, birthdays, sadness, missing people, Christmas, Christingle, the Olympic Torch, happiness, lanterns, celebrations, God, fire, winter, warmth, Victorians, camping, Bertie, Grandpa, Nanny... and so many more. It created a lovely, gentle atmosphere in the classroom.

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