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Year 3 create their own mythical monsters

Year 3 create their own mythical monsters

This week we read the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. We learnt how to structure sentences for effect: adding adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, sandwich clauses and similes. Having discussed Theseus’ heroic qualities, the children wrote about him. Daisy B wrote that “Theseus was as dutiful as a servant as, even though he was tired after being at war for 18 years, he did what his father told him and went to kill the despicable minotaur.”

The children are fascinated by all the fearful mythical monsters in the myths and enjoyed creating their own monsters by playing “Consequences” in groups. They then wrote descriptions of their monsters, using the techniques learnt earlier in the week. William’s “gigantic monster chomped quickly, every night, on its delicious human dinner”. Jess P’s monster “squawked loudly on top of the high mountains of Greece.” Zac’s terrifying monster “ate naughty children, in its dark cave, and put rotting flesh and bones up in picture frames!”

In Topic we have been learning about how we can learn about the Ancient Greeks from the artefacts that they left behind. The children recreated a broken pot and wrote about what they learnt about the Greeks from it. Afterwards, they designed their own pot which could tell future generations about them. The children had lots of great ideas, although pokemon characters featured rather heavily!

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