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Year 3 create their very own mythical monsters

Year 3 create their very own mythical monsters

This week we have looked at two Greek myths – Theseus and the Minotaur and Perseus and Medusa. We discussed the characteristics of a true hero and how Theseus fell short in some of his actions. We then played a game of “Consequences” to create our own mythical monsters. There was much hilarity when the creatures were revealed.

In ICT we have continued to work through a coding course called Espresso, taking great delight in the amazing things that we are learning to do.

We enjoyed Drama on Tuesday. After a hilarious starter activity involving hurling invisible balls around the hall – using facial expressions to communicate – we worked in threes to mould ourselves into household objects. Mrs Jones (aka Mrs O’Hare) was having a clear out of all her junk and each group had to put forward their case as to why they should be kept and not placed on the junk heap. Your teachers were impressed at your imaginative ideas and the great persuasive vocabulary used.

This week, in Topic, we have been learning about chronology and looking at timelines stretching from the Ancient Greeks to modern day. At home, you could reinforce this by talking about historical periods and local history. In addition, you could discuss some modern day heroes and why their actions were heroic.

Next week, we are going to be learning about Archaeology and how artefacts help historians to piece together the past. Enjoy the Bank Holiday everyone – let’s hope that it warms up a little!

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