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Year 3 - Digesting Science

Year 3 - Digesting Science

Chomp, grind, chew, swallow all familiar words in Year 3 this term. The children have been learning about the digestive system. They have tracked the digestive process from start to finish. We started at the mouth, learning the name and function of the various teeth. To encourage the children to think about dental hygiene they carried out an experiment to see the effects of liquids on tooth enamel, using eggs as a substitution. The children chose various liquids ranging from milk to coke to ketchup. Why not ask your child what they found out?

After taking time to notice what happens to food in the mouth we moved down to the stomach or, in Year 3, a sandwich bag and some orange juice. The children crunched up crackers and put them in the stomach that then churned and worked its magic. Next the intestines were mimicked using porridge and tights! As the children squeezed the porridge along the tights they groaned, giggled and screamed as they experienced how nutrients seep out into the bloodstream. The ‘real life’ experience brings a new level to the children's learning and understanding.

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