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Year 3 discover how sound is made on different instruments

Year 3 discover how sound is made on different instruments

This week, Year 3 have been getting to grips with how sound is produced on a range of musical instruments. Having recapped that sound is cause by vibrations, the children then looked at a variety of instruments and discussed how the sound was created and manipulated. The trumpet caused particular interest as when air was blown through it there was no sound at all! The children worked out that it was in fact the lips of the player vibrating that made the sound and the instrument was channelling and refining the sound.

In English, we have begun looking into play scripts, comparing how dialogue is set out. The pupils had to remind themselves to forget what they know about the speech punctuation they have been using in their narrative writing and use the features of a play script to show who is speaking and how they are acting. At home, you may wish to act a story out and ask your children to write both a play script version of the story and a narrative recount.

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