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Year 3 discover the merits of Greek columns

Year 3 discover the merits of Greek columns

After last week’s archaeological dig, this week the children moved onto architecture. We discussed how the Ancient Greeks are well known for their amazing architecture and looked at the three different types of Greek columns (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian). The children compared the columns and discussed what they are used for. Then came the practical! The children were given a piece of thin card to roll up and make their own ‘column’. Once all the children had made their ‘columns’ they were given a pile of books and asked to place them one at a time on top of their ‘columns’. The children were convinced that this was going to end in disaster, so you can imagine their amazement when book after book was piled on top. I think the highest number in the year group was 19 books! This activity really demonstrated to the children just how strong the columns are and why they are good for supporting buildings. To support this work at home you could get ‘crafty’ and make some structures using columns!

Next Thursday, we are off to the British Museum to see the Elgin Marbles, providing the children with more awe and wonder. Please remember to send your children into school with a packed lunch. No nuts or chocolate please!

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