Year 3 egg-speriment! | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 3 egg-speriment!

Year 3 egg-speriment!

It’s experiment time in Year 3! The children have worked hard to plan an experiment to test the effect that different liquids have on teeth. Although many of the children seem to have a secret stash of teeth at home, we have opted for using eggs, as the shell has many of the same characteristics as teeth. The children have chosen a variety of liquids ranging from food colouring to milk. The eggs have been submerged in the liquids and are going to be left for a few weeks - we will wait eagerly to see whether the predictions are correct.

Many of the children have predicted that the fizzy drinks will have the most effect as they know that fizzy drink are not good for your teeth. However, will the diet fizzy drinks have less of an effect?

During half term it would be good if you could continue to reinforce the work that we have done this half term: talking to the children about the different food groups that they are eating and what constitutes a healthy, balanced meal, as well as discussing the teeth that the children are using when they eat different foods.

After half term, in science, we will continue our work on digestion and things promise to get really messy and disgusting!

Have a great holiday!

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