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Year 3 enjoy outward bound challenges at Woodrow

Year 3 enjoy outward bound challenges at Woodrow

An amazing, active and adventurous day was spent by the Year 3 children at the outward bound centre at Woodrow. The aim was to develop teamwork, listening and communication skills. Some found the activities challenging and even ‘scary’ but with the help and encouragement of their team mates were able to conquer their fears. There were four different tasks to complete; a low ropes challenge which include a very long rope bridge across a ‘ravine’, orienteering, puzzles and night line. For the last one, the children had to navigate an obstacle course through the woods as a group of 12 with all members blindfolded and holding each other on the shoulder. Listening became much more critical when the children had lost the use of the valuable sense of sight.
We had a really fabulous time and hope that the children will be able to use their new skills in the classroom.

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