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Year 3 enjoy South Pacific Day

Year 3 enjoy South Pacific Day

Year+3+south+pacific+dayFriday was our much anticipated South Pacific Day. Everyone looked amazing in their bright and colourful clothes. It was a great way to celebrate the life of Mrs Henson-Derby who was very dear to the school. We made leis (garlands) to wear during the day and colourful bunting featuring the Kiribati flag and tropical scenes. We learnt about how the area of the South Pacific that Mrs Henson-Derby came from is being threatened by sand mining activities and pollution. The area is also very low lying and we discussed how the issue of global warming could be disastrous for the area. The story-telling session was brilliant and the children have been asked to carry on this 40,000 year old tradition by retelling the story about how the Pacific Islands began – they could start at home with you! A great time was had by all.

We also enjoyed Drama on Tuesday where we worked in groups to mime a scene showing an aspect of everyday life in Ancient Greece. As always your teachers were impressed with your imaginative ideas and your historical knowledge. One group mimed a group of builders working on the Parthenon and another the sacrifice of a cow in honour of Gods .

Next week

We are looking forward to a week of Roald Dahl themed activities. We will be visiting the Roald Dahl Museum in the village on Tuesday where we will be doing a workshop and learning more about the life and work of this amazing man. At home you could discuss the Roald Dahl books that you have shared. It would be great if the children could bring in a copy of their favourite Roald Dahl story and be able to explain why it is their favourite.

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