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Year 3 enjoy writing their 'Dear Greenpeace' letters

Year 3 enjoy writing their 'Dear Greenpeace' letters

This week we have enjoyed writing our Dear Greenpeace letters, inspired by the lovely book by Simon James. The children had some very creative ideas for the animals they found. We haven’t got space to detail them all but here is a selection: Jorge found a tiger swimming in his bath, Zachary found a golden eagle eating a fish from his pond, William found a sloth in his bath with a shower cap on and Rosie found an orange squirrel monkey eating a banana in her garden. The children used their learning about letter writing to write formal replies from Greenpeace. The children are looking forward to showing you their work.

In Science we have set up an investigation to see the effect of different liquids on our teeth. We used eggs as they are made of the same material as teeth. The children thought about how we could make our test fair. We will look at them again next week – it might be smelly! Oscar J thinks that the shell of the egg placed in cola will be damaged and broken.

Next week: In Topic we will start to think about festivals in England and St Lucia and the different traditions that people have at Christmas. We will be continuing to rehearse for our Christmas production of The Gigantic Star, fingers crossed for the dress rehearsal on Thursday!

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