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Year 3 explore the different art forms used by the Ancient Greeks

Year 3 explore the different art forms used by the Ancient Greeks

Within our Art and DT lessons this week we have been exploring and discussing the different art forms used by the Ancient Greeks.

We discovered that Ancient Greek culture was full of different types of art which decorated almost every part of their lives - from their buildings and city streets to the inside of their homes. Many objects in Greek life were created with beauty in mind. Greek artists created masterpieces in painting, metal work, mosaic, sculpture, architecture, literature, and pottery.

One of the lasting artistic legacies from the Ancient Greeks was mosaics - where a picture is created using thousands of small pieces of glass, pottery, or coloured tiles all placed together. We looked at Ancient Greek patterns for inspiration before designing and making our own mosaic tiles. We considered the centre motif as well as the border, where we created a repeating pattern, before experimenting with different mosaic tiles.

We have also continued to explore more Ancient Greek myths - this week we looked at Theseus and the Minotaur which created an emotive debate about King Aegeus’s reaction to the sight of the black sails on his son’s returning ship. As we discovered, the avoidable oversight by Theseus was to have tragic consequences.

‘If Theseus had remembered to change the sails to white, King Aegeus would not have died.’ Mrs Folker
‘It’s not Theseus's fault his father died, it was King Aegeus’s choice to jump off the cliff ‘ Saskia.
‘If I was King Aegeus, I would have waited until the ship had returned ‘ Oliver S

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