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Year 3 children face a book balancing challenge

Year 3 children face a book balancing challenge

How many reading books do you think you can balance on 1 piece of paper?

This was the challenge in 3KG this week. We have been learning about Greek architecture and specifically about the three types of columns they used in their buildings and temples. We found out that Doric columns are the plainest in design while the Ionic contained curls called volutes. Many of the children said that the Corinthian style was their favourite because of the ornate leaf and flower pattern decorations at the top.

We have looked at the columns of the Parthenon in preparation for our visit to the British Museum on Tuesday next week.

So how many books did we manage? Twenty three! The children were amazed at how strong a cylinder of paper could be and were able to deduce that columns were the best way of supporting marble metopes and friezes on ancient buildings.

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