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Year 3 find out about St Lucia

Year 3 find out about St Lucia

This week we have been finding out about where St Lucia is in relation to the rest of the world. We have looked at maps of varying scales and transferred information between maps. We have looked at the position of the world’s oceans and noted that to travel to St Lucia we would fly over the Atlantic. We are beginning to gather information about why St Lucia is a popular holiday destination.

In drama Mrs O’Hare went on a scary journey through a dark cave filled with imaginative creatures and wonderful things – us! When her torch light beam fell on each of us we explained what or who we were. Our teachers were very impressed with the adjectives we used and the creative ways that we used our bodies. It was great fun!

Next week we will be gathering information about bananas and their journey from banana plant to our supermarket. We will be creating an informative banana book, using our knowledge of the lay-out of non-fiction texts. The Year 3 teachers are looking forward to seeing you at the Parental Guidance evening on Tuesday where we will be discussing developing reading comprehension skills.

At home It would be helpful if you could look at some information books with your children and discuss how they are organised as we are starting to look at the layout of non-fiction texts. On a trip to a supermarket you could also look at where our bananas come from and find these places on a map.

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