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Year 3 focus on their favourite Greek myths

Year 3 focus on their favourite Greek myths

Year 3 have been continuing their work on Greek myths this week. The children have combined Computing and English in a series of engaging lessons. In groups, the children focused on a scene from their favourite Greek myth and used Lego to build the set and characters. Some children used their own Greek myth (which they wrote before half term) for inspiration whilst others opted for a scene from one of the classics; such as ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ or’ Perseus and the Gorgon’s head’.

The children then used the Lego Movie app on the ipads to bring their Lego constructions to life. By repeatedly photographing their Lego sets in slightly different positions, the children were able to create’ stop-go’ animation recordings.
After recording, the children edited their film clips by selecting from a variety of filters for their various frames. They applied background music to create atmosphere and adjusted the speed of frames for effect. In addition to this, many added text and speech bubbles to their videos.

The scenes that have been produced so far have been incredibly entertaining and visually stimulating! This task has supported the children as they attempt to comprehend some of the trickier plots. Many children have also gained a great deal of confidence through peer teaching during this activity. They have showcased their flair for technology by modelling how to use features such as ‘Onion skins overlay’ to make the transitions between frames smoother.

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