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Year 3 have fun with their Greek myths

Year 3 have fun with their Greek myths

It has been a very entertaining week with the children converting their Greek myths into playscripts. They quickly realised how important it is to include clear stage directions so the actors know how to move and deliver their lines. They learnt that it is necessary to give detailed scene descriptions and think visually about the staging. We have also been learning about how theatre began with the Ancient Greeks and compared Ancient Greek theatre traditions with our modern ones. In Drama the children experienced following a playscript based on the myth of Persephone.

Next week we are going to be focussing on the Olympics – both ancient and modern. In English the children are going to research and write about their favourite Olympic athlete and event. It would be helpful if you could talk about this to your children and gather some information to prepare them.

We are all looking forward to our theatre trip to The Waterside next Friday morning to see The Groovy Greeks. We will be back in time for lunch so no packed lunches are required. Have a great weekend.

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