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Year 3 do some fun science experiments

Year 3 do some fun science experiments

Year 3 have been scientists again this week. They have planned an experiment, using eggs and various drinking liquids, to see the effects said liquids have on our teeth. The children worked very hard to plan as ‘fair’ an experiment as possible, right down to counting to ensure the eggs were placed in the liquids, as close to the same time as they could. The children were captivated by what they had seen; it was great to see them crowding around the jam jars to see if the eggs had changed at all. The children all made some carefully thought out predictions and the general consensus was that the egg in the sugary, fizzy drink would be the most affected.

The great reveal caused much excitement, some surprises and even great repulsion! It is hard not to pull a face when a jam jar containing milk, that has been left in a hot classroom for a week is opened!

To support this work at home, it would be lovely if you could ask your child how they carried out the experiment, how they made it a fair test, what their prediction was and whether or not it was correct. Once they have revealed their findings, please make sure they can give a scientific explanation about why these things happened.

We look forward to seeing you all on Monday afternoon at the Christmas performance - not long now!

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