Year 3 - Going for gold | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 3 - Going for gold

Year 3 - Going for gold

What a way to end an action packed term. The Year 3 children put on a fantastic performance of Going for Gold. This was a very ambitious play to put on in a short amount of time but the children very much rose to the challenge - as they always do. After spending a term learning about Ancient Greece, the children entertained their audience with a comical insight into how the Olympic Games began. We had some blood thirsty Spartans, learned Athenians, a rapping Zeus and our very own Year 3 muscle man. All the children demonstrated how they have grown in confidence since they performed at Christmas. Not only were lines delivered with clarity but with fantastic intonation, expressions and on occasion comic timing, resulting in great hilarity amongst the audience. Not only did the children work hard to remember their lines and the lyrics to several songs, they also remembered the BSL signs for one of the songs. To quote a line from the play ‘striving for perfection and doing your best’ was a reference to what the Olympic Games were and continue to be about, this line could also reference the children in Year 3.

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