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Year 3 have a go at following directional instructions

Year 3 have a go at following directional instructions

Turn 90 degrees anticlockwise; turn 360 degrees clockwise; face north; turn to face north east - all these are terms that the Year 3 children have been using this week, as the focus in maths has been directions. The children have had a very practical week, making the most of the sunshine earlier in the week, going outside to follow directional instructions. The later part of the week saw the children making their own compasses which they used to help them write instructions to get Theseus through the maze, which they had constructed out of Lego, to locate the Minotaur. The children then shared their instructions with others to for checking. Did Theseus find the Minotaur?

There are so many ways that this work can be supported at home. Why not turn the sat nav off and get your child to help you plan a journey? Encourage them to use the words clockwise and anticlockwise when undoing bottle tops etc.

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