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Year 3 head to Woodrow High House

Year 3 head to Woodrow High House

This week, Year 3 have very much been looking forward to their school trip to Woodrow House. In particular, the children have been excited about participating in team-building activities such as the low ropes, night line and problem solving tasks.

In order for the children to complete the night line (a blindfold activity) they had to rely on the instructions of their team. Throughout the course of the activity, the children were developing their listening skills, in addition to understanding the importance of giving very clear instructions! Each child had to trust and support their team-mates in order to complete tasks.

The Low ropes are a very enjoyable activity and many brave Year 3 children threw themselves into scaling the wooded area of Woodrow house by following a series of ropes through the forest course. Again, the children showed great support and encouragement to each other, cheering team-mates on to complete the activity.

The problem solving activities (consisting of a variety of outdoor, practical tasks) proved to be quite challenging! But the resilient year 3 children persevered and were determined not to give up until they were completed.

After a thoroughly active day, we have no doubt that the Year 3 children will want to let you know at home what their favourite part of the trip was!

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