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Year 3 - Holograms and high seas

Year 3 - Holograms and high seas

Year 3, computer whizzes of the century, have designed and made their own holograms for the Take One Picture display. We thought carefully about how each side of a hologram template has an image projected onto it, tying in nicely with our Light Science topic.

Together we learnt to source GIFs, manipulate them, copy, paste, and resize them to make our holograms bring the painting we have been learning about to life. We focused on specific elements of the painting, including the waves, lightning and even the ship itself. We posed as crew members acting out our roles as captains whipping, officers shouting, barbers operating and apprentices painting toenails!

We even made our own GIFs, so look out for this motley crew projected onto the big screen(s)!

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