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Year 3 investigate 'Forces and Magnets'

Year 3 investigate 'Forces and Magnets'

This week, Year 3 started their new Science Topic ‘Forces and Magnets’. The children enjoyed recapping on their previous learning by exploring different types of movement. They identified some of the different forces constantly acting around them in a variety of engaging activities. The children reflected in particular on how to stop/change direction of an object, once they had set it into motion.

This term, Year 3 will continue to develop their investigative skills. The children have already planned an investigation to find out how different surfaces affect movement. They have worked out how to ensure that their test is fair, what equipment they will need and how they will measure/observe their experiment. In addition to this, they have made predictions about which surfaces will offer the least resistance and have used scientific reasoning and vocabulary to support their predictions.

As the half term progresses, the children are looking forward to developing their understanding of how magnets work. They will participate in a variety of engaging and practical activities to draw their own scientific conclusions.

If your child would like to explore forces further, they may wish to play their favourite game and identify all of the forces (pushes, pulls, twists) that are causing movement. They may also wish to hunt out as many magnetic objects as they can around the home and think about their use.

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