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Year 3 investigates poetry that plays with the senses

Year 3 investigates poetry that plays with the senses

In English this week we have started to look at poetry ahead of the House Poetry competition in the second half of term.

We began with ‘Listen’ by Pie Corbett where the children had to compose verses based on the format of the original poem. The challenge was they had to hear something that you cannot actually hear. The children rose to the challenge creating some fantastic verses.

It was so peaceful that I heard

a spider weaving its web.

It was so tranquil that I heard

the constant swaying of trees.

It was so quiet that I heard

a sunflower growing

in the light green grass.

For our next composition ‘Pineapple’, the children had to use their senses to find words to describe a pineapple. They thoroughly enjoy feeling,smelling, looking at and tasting pineapples to help them create a planning document from which to compose their poem.

We then looked at the techniques the poet of the original poem used to create interest and discovered they had used alliteration and metaphors which the children then used when writing their own Pineapple poem with some very effective results.

‘Yellow drips of golden ice’

‘Drizzle of stars sparkling’

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