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Year 3 keep a keen eye on their plants

Year 3 keep a keen eye on their plants

Last week, the children set up various experiments to work out the best conditions for plants to grow. This week, they had the joy of finding out the results and there were some shocks! Due to the beautifully hot weather we have had, many of the plants that were kept in ‘sunny’ conditions (that were expected to thrive) did in fact find it too ‘sunny’ and wilted. Although this was very unexpected, it provided the opportunity for lots of wonderful scientific discussion. The children then had to use this to formulate a conclusion. Here is a sample of some of their thoughts:

‘I know the dark and light plants were dying because it was yellow, green and crunchy.’

‘I know that the soil is the third best because it doesn’t absorb as much water as the sand.’

‘The light group’s experiment wasn’t fair because they put too much water in the dark and light.’

It would be lovely if you could ask the children about the experiment and discuss with them what they observed. If you are keen gardeners perhaps you could enlist the children in watering duties, getting them to make observations as they go and think about what they know about the best conditions for plants.

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