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Year 3 learn about being knights in the Middle Ages

Year 3 learn about being knights in the Middle Ages

This week we have enjoyed finishing off our TOP work. In Maths, we gathered data about various animals and presented it in bar charts. We had to think carefully about the scale and clear labels for the axes. In English, we have been learning about what it was like to be a knight in the Middle Ages. Using our knowledge of the features of report writing we are in the process of recording lots of interesting facts. We were astounded to learn that it took fourteen years to become a knight, starting at the age of seven. We also looked at the Code of Chivalry – the detailed set of rules that knights were expected to follow. Many of the children decided that they would not have wanted to be knights as they would not want to leave home at seven - they would miss their families too much!
We are looking forward to seeing many of you on Saturday morning at the Take One Picture exhibition. We hope everyone has a restful weekend as the past week has seen a lot of absence due to illness

Costumes for the Easter production need to be brought in on Monday. We are looking forward to Sports Relief Friday and running mile laps in exchange for house tokens. Practice at the weekend might be a good idea to build up strength, speed and stamina – according to our schools council representative. Thank you.

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