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Year 3 learn about our Aspire value STRIVE

Year 3 learn about our Aspire value STRIVE

3KG had their class assembly this week and they did a fantastic job. The theme for the assembly was our Aspire value - STRIVE. In preparation for the assembly, the children used a thesaurus to find synonyms for strive. Once they had found some alternative words, the children then had to choose one and use it to write an acrostic poem about striving. They wrote some brilliant poems which they shared with the rest of Key Stage Two during assembly.

Please enjoy a small selection from the class:


Try your hardest

Race to the finish

You can beat your target

By Mimi


Eat up your failure

Friends can help sometimes

Forget about people annoying you, pretend they are not there

Right or wrong it is OK

Time to reach your goal

By Chloe K


Be positive

Everything needs a go

Sometimes it is easier than it looks

Try your best

By Lucy


Somethings are easier than they look

Eventually after you try you can do anything

Everyone deserves to get things correct

Keep going you can do it

By Charlie

To end the assembly, we watched a short video clip by Jay Shetty entitled, ‘This is what is stopping you from reaching your goals’,about a shark in a tank. Perhaps you could ask the children about this clip and what it means?

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