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Year 3 learn about food groups

Year 3 learn about food groups

We have begun our science topic, ‘where does our food go?’ by learning the names of the different food groups and using these groups to classify foods. Using the food pyramid, the children have looked at the importance of proportions of food types. This week they have sorted pictures of food onto a plate thinking about having more carbohydrates than protein and keeping foods high in sugar and fat to a minimum. This work has provoked some very thoughtful questions and discussion, for example ‘where do we put chips?’

This work has really engaged the children and it has been a pleasure to hear them talking, during lunchtime, saying things like ‘I am eating protein’, ‘I have got carbohydrates’. To support this work at home you could encourage the children to talk about the food groups that are on their plate and get the children to engage in conversations about what the food groups are good for. For example, the protein will help build muscle. It may also be good to get the children involved in cooking, thinking about whether the cooking method affects how ‘healthy’ the food is.

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