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Year 3 learn about non-fiction writing in English

Year 3 learn about non-fiction writing in English

Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been learning about non-fiction writing in English. This has involved looking at the key features of non-fiction books, as well as the layout and presentation of the text itself. The children have then used all this knowledge to make their own non-fiction books about bananas; making sure that they contain all the features of non-fiction texts such as contents pages, glossary and sub headings. They have also enjoyed illustrating their work with labelled diagrams.

This English work has linked to their topic work on St. Lucia, where the children have researched the importance of bananas to the people of the island and the process of growing, harvesting and transporting them. This information has then been used to find content for their books. They are all very proud of their efforts and so they should be!

To support this work at home, you can read from a wide range of texts, asking your child what kind of text it is and how they know this.

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