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Year 3 learn about the properties of 2D shapes

Year 3 learn about the properties of 2D shapes

This week in Maths, Year 3 have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes. To build on their prior knowledge, the children have played a variety of interactive games. These games have helped to reinforce their understanding of how many sides and corners different 2D shapes have. Using Venn Diagram hoops, the children were able to sort shapes according to different sets of criteria, explaining their reasoning as they did this. Many of the children were confident using terms such as ‘regular’, ‘irregular’, ‘quadrilateral’ and ‘polygon’.

Recapping on symmetry was also a focus; the children used folding techniques and mirrors to identify lines of symmetry in various shapes and patterns. Year 3 also enjoyed drawing symmetrical patterns to complete images, using vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines of symmetry.

Many of the children particularly enjoyed using geoboards and elastic bands to make both regular and irregular quadrilaterals and other 2D shapes. 3CO even adapted their ‘Around the World’ game to consolidate their shape learning this week.

You may wish to ask your child how many rectangles they can spot on the walk home, or challenge them to make up a song or poem to remember how many sides a pentagon, hexagon or octagon has.

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