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Year 3 learn all about their teeth

Year 3 learn all about their teeth

This week, Year 3 have been learning about teeth and their role in the digestive system.

The children have worked together to sort images of canine, incisor, pre-molar and molar teeth in adult humans. Many of the children noted the large roots and commented that the teeth in the pictures looked very different to the teeth that they have lost! Using mirrors, the children played dentists and created their own dental record by crossing out any teeth that they have lost on a diagram.

After learning songs and creating the different types of teeth out of plasticine, the children became more confident with understanding the functions of each tooth. To reinforce this understanding, the children tasted a variety of foods, focusing on the role of each tooth in the process.

Following on from this, the children will use their knowledge of tooth function to identify the skulls in a variety of animals, using the teeth as clues. They will reflect on what the teeth of an animal tell us about their diet, before making predictions about which animal the skull belongs to. Using the Morpho app on the ipads, the children will then showcase their learning and reasoning by animating their findings.

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