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Year 3 learn to tell the time

Year 3 learn to tell the time

This week, Year 3 have been learning to tell the time. The children have revisited some of their Year 2 learning, by reading and writing analogue times, to the nearest minute. They have enjoyed a wide range of interactive games such as time bingo, ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf’ and ‘Learn the time Lotto’.

To provide an extra challenge, the children had to apply their understanding of Roman Numerals to read analogue times on a variety of clock faces. Year 3 also learnt to read and write digital time.

The most challenging task of all involved creating sets of their own time dominoes. The children had to draw challenging times onto Roman numeral clocks, and then write matching digital times which included AM/PM and the 24 hour clock!

You may wish to test your child on the time throughout the day by asking questions such as: ‘What time is it now? How else can we say it? What time will it be in 3 and a half hours? How long have you been awake for today?’

Many children were eager to find out about current times in different countries. What a good opportunity to think about the 24 hour clock!

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