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Year 3 take a look at the food pyramid

Year 3 take a look at the food pyramid

Year 3 are certainly back in the swing of things, it is like we have never been away! The children, new and old, have settled really well into their new classes and there are smiles every morning.

We have begun this term’s Science topic, ‘Where does my food go?’ looking at what constitutes a healthy and balanced diet. The children have looked at the food pyramid to see the types of foods that we need and how much of each of these foods is required. The children have worked, in pairs, to design a healthy balanced menu, making sure that they have the correct balance of carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, protein, dairy, fats and sugars. This has proved very challenging! The children are really starting to see why we can’t eat pizza, chips, burgers or bacon sandwiches all the time and that we need to be having at least one portion of vegetables at lunch and dinner if we are going to reach our 7 a day!

Once the children have designed their menu, they will be making them come to life using tissue paper and card; the children are really enjoying this! They have also used Google Docs to present their menus using different font size, colour and styles.

If you want to support your child with this work at home, you could involve them in planning the family meals, discussing the different foods groups and the groups they fall into. We have been very careful to emphasise to the children that we are looking at healthy balanced diets not scaring them about not eating certain food types. We have also discussed the fact that their needs as children are very different to an adult, because they are growing and are very active.

We are very much looking forward to our trip next Friday and hope the children are too. If you have any questions about the trip or anything else please contact a member of the Year 3 team.

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