Year 3 - Magnetise! | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 3 - Magnetise!

Year 3 - Magnetise!

Well, it is the end of our first six weeks together in 3KL and oh how they have flown by. Our intrepid scientific investigators have delved deeply into the world of magnets - and were even surprised to find out the entire world was a magnet.

After weeks of scientific discovery, sticking countless things to the ends of magnets, we designed and created our own race track to measure the effectiveness of different magnets. Watch how our paperclip-shaped F1 machines fly.

After this huge flurry of excitement (along with screams and gasps from spectators) we carefully and forensically wrote up our timed laps and evaluated why certain magnets and materials could have resulted in a quicker time. So all that is left to say is: “On your marks, get set… Magnetise!”

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