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Year 3 make dramatic masks

Year 3 make dramatic masks

Year 3 have carried on their work on the Ancient Greeks in earnest this week. We extended last week's work on Greek theatres by making masks. The children thought about the emotion that they wanted to convey and how they could use their mask to do this, paying particular attention on the eyes and mouth. The children really got into this activity and made some great masks.

The children have used pictures of Greek pots to try and work out what events took place during the ancient Olympics. The children demonstrated how well they are able to use secondary sources to find out about the past, correctly naming a number of sports events from the ancient Olympic games. This work has extended into English and the children have also started work on their Olympic books. They have planned out what they want in their books and have used the iPads to research facts about the Olympics and famous Olympians.

To end the week, the children (and staff) enjoyed an entertaining performance of the Groovy Greeks at the Waterside theatre.

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