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Year 3 - Marvellous middle ages

Year 3 - Marvellous middle ages

What is this untold land? Full of mystical wonders and ingenious contraptions? Mountains and mountains of cardboard, as far as the eye can see. It is not a fairy tale. Neither does it lie on the Scottish/English border. No, it was Gateway’s field that was Year 3’s medieval building site this week.

For our official celebration of all things castle, we created a cardboard wonder that would rival Windsor Castle itself! Norman arches, graffiti, stained glass windows and no less than seven drawbridges were built.

There is a large breadth of skills being learnt through these team building exercises. Communication, the application of historical knowledge, and understanding of shape and structure, the ability to plan and evaluate were all skills exercised.

Additionally, new coats of arms were created, we had a demonstration by the kitchen in ancient cookery followed by a whole school medieval feast and finally we topped it all off with a medieval tournament with the PE staff.

Unfortunately for me, there comes a time when you just have to admit that you truly are a middle-aged teacher…

Peasant Miles, penned by Mr Miles

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